Acceptable Use Policy

The supplier of this service is Education Networks Group Pty Ltd trading as eSolution Systems.
9 Jim Rd, Newham, Victoria, Australia, 3442
ABN 52 006 802 357
James Marshall - Design and Sales: +61 0417 173 178
Bill Trikojus - Tech Support: +61 0403 312 395

This Policy applies immediately if you are a new subscriber to the Service. If any changes are made to this policy by eSolution Systems, these changes come into effect 30 days after the revised policy is posted on eSolution Systems website and applies to all eSolution Systems' customers.

1. Definitions
2. Illegal content
3. Spam
4. Excessive bandwidth usage
5. Breach of this Policy
6. How to contact us

1. Definitions

In this document, the following words have these meanings:

You means a subscriber to the Service, or any person who accesses the Service using the subscriber's access details.

Policy means this document, as may be amended by eSolution Systems from time to time on 30 days notice.

Service means a web hosting service provided by eSolution Systems, together with associated services and software such as content management systems, ecommerce, domain registration, email facilities, web space, design development and customer support.

2. Illegal content

You must not use the Service to breach any applicable criminal laws or to infringe on the rights of a third party. This includes, without limitation:

  • fraudulent, deceptive or illegal activity;
  • infringement of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights;
  • infringement of laws relating to censorship and classification of material;
  • using the Service to create, forward or distribute defamatory statements.

You must not participate (including by making content available) in any attempt to cause any computer system to malfunction, whether by way of viruses, worms, trojan horses, denial of service attacks or otherwise.

3. Spam

You must not use the Service to distribute electronic communications:

  • to a person or group who has indicated that they do not wish to receive the communication from you;
  • if the communication is unsolicited bulk mail (whether or not it is commercial in nature) or an unsolicited commercial message as defined in the Spam Act 2003;
  • in a way that forges or disguises the origin of the communication;
  • in a way which is intended, or likely to, adversely affect the functionality of any computer system.

4. Excessive bandwidth usage

All Online Galleries accounts come with a monthly allocation of bandwidth usage (internet traffic). If this allocation is exceeded we reserve the right to suspend the website for the remainder of the calendar month. For the Full and Mid versions of Online Galleries, the monthly allocation is 10GB. For the Lite version the allocation is 1GB.

5. Breach of this Policy

If eSolution Systems believes on reasonable grounds that you have breached this Policy, eSolution Systems may (but is not obliged to) take one or more of the following steps:

  • suspend your access to the Service indefinitely or for a specific period;
  • terminate your access to the Service and refuse to provide the Service to you or your associates in the future;
  • inform appropriate government and regulatory authorities of suspected illegal or infringing conduct; and
  • delete or edit any of your data (including webpage content) stored on eSolution Systems' hosting.

6. How to contact us

If you have any questions in relation to our Acceptable Use Policy, please contact eSolution Systems on

eSolution Systems Acceptable Use Policy July 2005.