Online Galleries is a user-friendly web site system that allows you to design and update your website, without the need for specialist software or a web developer to keep it up to date. The system is easy to use and provides you with all of the tools necessary to manage your website.

Mirabela Varga from Mama Art Studio says;

"I prefer the freedom to manage my own website and the online galleries support team are so prompt and effective with all my queries, making it an all round enjoyable and positive experience."

Feel free to explore our online demo or view some of the websites developed using Online Galleries and please contact us if you have any questions.

Key Features

A total solution with no hidden costs

Online Galleries provides you with a complete professional website. Your personal domain registration, email addresses, website hosting and the Online Galleries website management system are all included in the low monthly subscription fee.

Easy to use

Online Galleries is user-friendly. The interface is intuitive, with inbuilt video tutorials to teach you how use the software. You don’t need any programming knowledge and your website can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Customer Service

Online Galleries provides first class customer service. When you contact the Online Galleries help desk you will be talking to a developer who knows how to fix the problem. We respond to customer feedback, continually developing the software to be user-friendly and useful.

Brett from Mulcahy Winter Media says;

"Not only was Online Galleries ideal for my photography business, it was affordable with great features. Most importantly, their back up service is second to none. I can highly recommend them."

Works everywhere

Whether your site is being viewed on a desktop computer or a portable device such as an iPad or Smart Phone, Online Galleries will automatically configure to the viewing device and will display your website in the appropriate format.

Fast uploading

The Online Galleries allows for batch uploading multiple images at a time. The software automatically resizes your images and publishes them on your website in just seconds.

Photographer Pete Myers says;

"It took me about five minutes to populate the site with images, the rest was text editing and labelling. No HTML. No programming. You just put up your gallery and get it done. I highly recommend this service."


Online Galleries offers a range of highly customizable design options. The system makes it easy to create a professional online gallery within a matter of minutes.

Artist Amber Shields says;

"I just read my welcome email and checked on my site and it looks beautiful. I wanted to thank you for creating such a streamlined and user-friendly service. I have been searching for a while for a site like yours that caters to visual artists. I couldn't be happier! I will be recommending your site to my friends and colleagues. You rock! Thanks Again!"

Sell online

Online Galleries has ecommerce functionality that allows users to add items to a shopping cart and order them through a checkout page. After an order has been submitted you can display your PayPal account details so the user can immediately pay for the order.

Photographer Danielle Prowse says;

"Online Galleries has allowed me to showcase my work in a way no other website system can. With full creative control I am able to customise it to suit my photography business and direct people to the site to see the collection of my varying work. My business has gained more reputation by having a bigger online presence and I have made many sales and enquiries thanks to the site!"

Anahata from anahataart.com says;

"This has given me back the power to keep everything looking spiffy and modern without the hassles of hiring someone or trying to navigate advanced systems on my own."