Online Galleries FAQ

How much does it cost?

The Lite version is free, the Mid version is $19 per month and the Full version $49 per month. Prices are in Australian dollars.

Are there any setup charges?


Is there a minimum contract length?

The minimum contract length for the Full and Mid plans is 1 month. The is no minimum contract length for the Lite version.

How many images and galleries can I add to my website?

That depends on the plan you choose:

  1. Full version: unlimited galleries and around 2000 images
  2. Mid version: 4 galleries and around 400 images
  3. Lite version: 2 galleries and around 40 images

I don't have a domain name yet - do I need to register one before I sign up?

No - we can take care of that for you and the cost of the domain registration is included in the monthly subscription. In the first step of the sign up process, you just tell us the domain you want, and we'll take care of the rest.

I already have a domain, can I link with an Online Galleries website?

Sure - it's easy. You just need to point the domain at our server. Detailed instructions are provided in the welcome email you receive after signing up.

I already have a website, can I just use Online Galleries for my gallery page?

Yes you can. Online Galleries can be configured as a standalone gallery that can then be loaded into an iframe and displayed within your existing website.

I'd like my website to appear in the search results - is that possible?

There are hundreds of factors that search engines like google take into account when deciding how to order their search results, so no one can guarantee you a particular position, however Online Galleries has been developed in a way that makes it easy for the search engines to scan your content to give you every opportunity of ranking well - read more here. With the paid versions of Online Galleries, you can link your website with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, 2 free tools that help you analyse your traffic and further optimise your website.

What happens to vistors who don't have the required Flash plugin?

If a visitor does not have the required Flash plugin, or is viewing the site on a device such as iPad which does not currently support Flash, they will be automatically redirected to one of our HTML templates that do not require the Flash plugin. This alternate site is driven by the same content, so you only need to build your site once.

How do I update the credit card linked with my account?

Log into the Online Galleries admin area and click on Advanced Tools / Account Status. At the top of that tool you will see a link to update your details.

I shoot a lot of weddings and often need to upload hundreds of images - will this take long?

Not at all. The Online Galleries system supports batch uploading and will automatically insert the new images into a gallery, create the thumbnails etc. Just select all the images, click upload, make a coffee, return to the computer and admire your new gallery - it really is that easy.

I'd like to sell my images / products online - is that possible?

Yes it is. With the Full version of Online Galleries, you can activate ecommerce on any gallery. Once activated, an 'Add to cart' button will appear next to each piece in a gallery. You can then set the price for each piece, your currency and more. You can even link the checkout process with your Paypal account for easy payment processing.

Can I use Online Galleries to transfer large files such as Photoshop documents?

Yes you can. With the Full version of Online Galleries there is a File Sharing tool that will allow you to upload a wide range of file types. When a new file is uploaded, you are provided with a link to the file that you can then add to your website or send directly to whoever you wish to share the file with.

Is it easy to change the look and feel of my website?

Very easy. Our colour scheme tool has hundreds of great colour schemes that can transform your website with a single click. You can also add background images (or animations) to each page on your website to customise the design even further.

Can I add music to my website?

Whilst this is not something we recommend, it is technically possible to add music to your Online Galleries website.

How long will it take to build my website?

For customers that are new to Online Galleries, initial setup of the website (which includes customising the colours, basic text content and adding a couple of galleries) generally takes around an hour. After that, it really depends on how much you want to dive into the extra design functionality available inside the system. The good news is that once you're happy with your site, adding new content and keeping it fresh is a breeze!

You're in Australia but I'm in the US - is that a problem?

No it isn't - we have customers from all over the world. In fact, the servers we use for all our clients are located in the US.

I'm on a mac computer - is Online Galleries compatible with this?

Online Galleries is a web based application so it can be used on a mac or PC with pretty much any web browser - we recommend Firefox.

What if I get stuck on something - will you help me out?

Of course. We have a helpdesk where you can post support tickets anytime, or if you would prefer to speak to us directly, you can find the mobile numbers of the company directors on the contact page.

I've got an idea for a new feature that I think would really add to the Online Galleries system - are you interested?

Absolutely. We are constantly improving the system and adding extra functionality, with many of these changes originating from our users.

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